Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joe's Valley Again

Lexi Tuddenham and I were able to sneak out to Joe's Valley for a few days to squeeze in some world class bouldering. For those of you that haven't been to Joe's, the climbing is incredible with some of the craziest features you'll ever see.

It was a successful trip with Lexi knocking out some projects, and I was psyched to send 'Chit' (V4/5), 'Self Service' (V5) and 'Roll The Dice' (V5) in quick order. We encountered some very strong winds on Friday so I decided to keep the camera in the car. Here are some of the pictures we were able to take.

(above) Lexi Tuddenham looking for the goods on 'Peep Show' (v1). (below) 1-Lexi crimping hard on an unnamed v1 at the Boy Size Area. 2-Christian Prellwitz pulling through the opening moves of the mega classic 'Self Service' (v5). 3-Getting ready for the last long pull on 'Self Service' (v5). 4-Lexi cruising the beautiful calcite patina of 'Cherry Coke' (v1). 5-Lexi topping out in the sunshine on a stellar v0 slab at the Boy Size Area.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sewemup Mesa Bouldering

Friday dawned cold and snowy, but the desert beckoned with the promise of blue skies and warmer temperatures. Lexi Tuddenham and I decided to head somewhere different than the usual Paradox Valley haunts. Instead, we sped past the turnoff for Hwy. 90 and kept going north on Hwy. 141 into the heart of the Dolores River Canyon and the sheer vertical walls of Sewemup Mesa. Numerous boulders lie scattered throughout the whole length of this canyon, but one of the best concentrations is below the Sewemup Mesa buttress, where several dozen problems can be found among the beautiful Wingate Sandstone boulders. This small gem of an area is a great place to visit for the West End climber as well as those who frequent the Unaweep Boulders. This spot is not far from Unaweep and boasts blocks that are far superior in quality.

The pictures: (above) Christian Prellwitz pulling through the juggy middle of 'Survey Marker' (v0), a spectacular highball in a perfect position. (below) 1-Christian getting high on 'Survey Marker' (v0). 2-Lexi Tuddenham finding the friction on 'Autobahn' (v0). 3-Lexi Tuddenham prepping to climb her 'Arch Nemesis' (V2-).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back To AEC

Another beautiful day of weather. Another trip to the outstanding boulders of the Atomic Energy Crag (AEC), perched high above Paradox Valley, just outside of Naturita in Southwest Colorado.

A sampling: (above) Lexi Tuddenham sticking the tenuous move for the top on 'Juniper Center' (v0+). A bad landing adds to the spice on this outstanding highball. 2-Christian Prellwitz pulling through the middle of 'Action Jackson' (v2).

(below) 1-Christian Prellwitz trying to catch the 'A Train' (v4). 2-Christian on 'Action Jackson' (v2). 3-Lexi Tuddenham bracing for the storm on 'Nor'easter' (v0). 4-Lexi approaching the thin top out of 'Bug Juice' (v1).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More From Moab

Another stretch of beautiful weather afforded Lexi Tuddenham and I the opportunity to head to Moab to boulder. Here are the results of two sunny days.

The pics: (above) Lexi Tuddenham trying not to get shut down by 'The Pregnancy Arete' (V2). (below) 1-Match on the arete, bump to crimps and move into the high step slab finish- 'Aunt Jemima' (v3). 2-And it's over. Grabbing the good edge on 'Mr. Trujillo's Big Day' (V2). 3-Lexi Tuddenham maneuvering on the accurately named 'Short Stuff' (V1). 4- The before. 5-The after. Christian Prellwitz slapping for the top on 'Black Slab' (V4).