Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eternal Sunshine- Bouldering At The AEC

It's really a blessed life. Wake up to bluebird skies. Pick up a breakfast sandwich and coffee at the local bakery. Make the meandering drive through canyons and over mesas, past bald eagles and pinyon jays, out of the mountains and into the open expanse of the desert. Park amid a sea of sandstone blocks and swim around through the junipers and pinions looking for that perfect line of crimpers and pockets.

It's the process and all the moments in between that make the experience, that elevates clumsied movement to imperfect poetry. Sunshine gives life to belief, and belief informs action, lifting us up to heights we'd only imagined.

The pictures:
(above) 1-Christian Prellwitz sticking the edge on the initial crux of 'Black Streak' (v3+). 2-Lone Cone and Petroglyph Crag linger in the background as Lexi Tuddenham journeys out onto 'Ship's Prow' (v1+).
(below) 1-Lexi Tuddenham sticking the pinch on 'Roadside Attraction' (v2). 2-Lexi again, this time on 'Easy Up' (v0+). 3-'Lake Lover' (v0). 4-A different take on a familiar problem: Christian styles the finishing pulls of 'Ship's Prow' (v1+).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Around The Bend

It's really about the moments. The highs and the lows. What we receive and what we give. The places bring back memories of scouring winds, middle of nowhere diners, sunshine and warm sandstone. The canyons provide the medium. We provide the story. Success and failure, smiles and frustration. And all we can hope for is the opportunity to do it all again.

The pics: (above) Christian Prellwitz prepping for the business on 'Kelly's Arete' (v5). (below) 1-Christian moving through the difficulties of 'Sling Blade' (v4). 2-Lexi Tuddenham styling her way up 'Todd's Easy Arete' (v2). 3-Lexi about to take her own 'Bitter Bite' (v3). 4-Beautiful sandstone.