Tuesday, September 18, 2012

some progress...

Well, I was able to resume climbing a week ago. It has been a little frustrating because I am not strong enough yet post surgery to be able to climb all of the things that I want. Instead, it's been a process of building the muscle back up through yoga, some training in the gym and some days outside.

Looking for some mellower, high volume days, Erika and I got on a rope at Rumney the other day. Erika crushed it on Lonesome Dove, which is an amazingly good slabby arete climb. And I managed to redpoint some 5.12's, so I guess I'm not a complete climbing mess right now. I'm looking forward to getting back on a rope again, and if I'm feeling up to it strength wise, giving Bottom Feeder some goes. It's a 5.13 that's made for boulderers like me. Basically, a v7 on a rope.

Getting on a rope has been fun. I still suck at clipping and have zero endurance. But, I'm a lot stronger than the last time I was on one (even in my current state) and that's always an enjoyable revelation.