Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Road Trip- Bishop, Pt. 2

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Lexi Tuddenham climbing the classic 'Bourbon IV' (v0-) at The Dreamers.

Lexi on 'Flaggelate Rush' (v0) at The Dreamers.

Lexi on an unnamed v2 at The Checkerboard Area. The Buttermilks Main Area can be seen on the hillside in the background.

Christian nearing the finish on 'Choice of Weapons' (v4) at Rock Creek.

Lexi smiling atop 'Blob' at the Pollen Grains.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wish You Were Here

Photos from two separate evenings soaking in the hot springs at the Keough Hot Ditch, located about fifteen minutes from Bishop. A good way to end a climbing day.

Spring Road Trip- Bishop, Pt. 1

From Ibex we headed to the bouldering mecca of Bishop. This place is incredible in the quantity, quality and diversity of the climbing. Words fail so here are some photos from our first few days.

Pics: (above) Christian Prellwitz crimping on the immaculate stone of 'King Tut' (v3) at the Buttermilks Main Area. (below) 1-Lexi Tuddenham bearing down on the pointy crimps of 'Wavy Gravy' (v2) at the Happy Boulders. 2-Lexi Tuddenham trying to figure out the starting moves of the 'Buttermilk Stem' (v1). 3-Christian Prellwitz high stepping on the sharp and powerful 'The Rail Problem' (v3). 4-Lexi Tuddenham levitating her way up the mostly holdless 'Robinson's Rubber Tester' (v0).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Road Trip- Ibex

After leaving Joe's Valley, Lexi and I headed to Ibex, in the remote western Utah desert, for a night of camping and a day of climbing. The weather proved far less windy than last year, but also much warmer. In spite of that, it was fun to spend some time pulling down on the unique stone of Ibex. Lexi struggled with the power and reach required on many of the problems but persevered in the end with some proud sends. I was happy to track my progression by climbing several problems that had previously stumped me.

The pics: Lexi Tuddenham checking out the opening moves of an unnamed v1 on the The Cow Boulder. The empty desert unfurls in the background. (below) Lexi pulling hard on 'Defused', a very beautiful and powerful v2.

Spring Road Trip- Joe's Valley

Lexi and I began our spring climbing trip on Sunday, the 19th. We spent a couple of very productive days in Joe's Valley with both Lexi and I climbing many personal projects. We didn't take very many pictures since we were so immersed in the climbing.

Here are a few: (above) Christian Prellwitz going for the mono on the classic highball 'Michelangelo' (v3/4). (below) Lexi Tuddenham doing a variation to 'Black Gold' (v2). (further below) Lexi again on 'Black Gold', this time heading the normal way.